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Welcome to Bonner Designs, led by Robert Bonner, located in Renton, Washington. Our city is renowned for producing the most successful commercial jetliner.


We provide architectural and engineering design services for a variety of project types, including residential, retail, restaurants, multi-family, and mix-use developments. From concept to approved permits, we are here to guide and support you throughout the entire process. By securing approved permits, we can connect you with our construction partners and provide bid options to help you assess costs and timelines.


We also assist with permitting issues and the legalization of non-conforming additions and projects through City and County entities. Our ideal client is knowledgeable about their design direction and purpose. We cater to homeowners, landowners, investors, banks, retail and restaurant owners, companies that need building restoration, documentation and permitting for water and fire mitigation, those requiring illegal permit building remediation, removal of walls, and remodeling for structural revisions and permits.


Our holistic approach provides design assistance for architecture, interiors, and construction. Our goal is to create an alternative to working within large corporations through growth and expansion. We are seeking investors to hire additional staff, expand our services, and create defined talent sectors within our organization.


An initial investment of $250k would enable us to accomplish these goals and create a residual source through a stock plan library. We are also developing a partnership in water and fire restoration permit submittal assistance to provide clear and quick turn-around for completion and cash flow. Presently, we are a three-person firm with associates in engineering and management in construction.


We plan to expand our services and locations nationwide. With digital integration of technology, design, and permitting, we can complete projects via web with contactless communication. Our critical business details include providing ease, precision, and consistency in our services, delivering beautiful designs and presentations to our reviewing agencies. We are well-regarded and receive positive comments on our process and product services.


Our marketing and collaboration efforts span many different levels, from web to social to radio and video, enabling us to reach a broad audience, from national retail firms to local homeowners seeking deck permits.

So, if you're ready to take the leap and create something amazing, come and join the Bonner Designs family.

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