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current projects


bonner design focuses on bespoke designs for residential and retail locations in and around seattle, los angeles, boulder and atlanta and miami 

premier meat pies-renton

genesee  -   west seattle

seward park  -    seattle

east kingsgate -kirkland

LUCKOW 06.jpg

meadowview   -  edmonds

lake youngs   -   auburn

goat hill    -    kirkland

hougton split -  kirkland

twelfth ave view-seattle

white center   -  seattle

upper kennydale - renton

lakeridge    -     seattle

seattle  central  mission church     -     lynnwood

8oz Entry.jpg

eight oz.     -    ballard

kathakali    -    kirkland

premier meat pies-renton

phantom lake -  bellevue

watershed park -kirkland

south houghton -kirkland

leshi mt. baker - seattle

central dist   -   seattle

ballard      -     seattle

sixteenth -  west seattle

skyway park    -  seattle

maury island  -    vashon

neurology ctr - university dist - seattle

neurology ctr - university village - seattle

west of market -kirkland

maplewood    -     renton

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