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Why Rebuild Vs. Selling, how to harness your home's equity while living within your home rebuilding

Have you ever thought about selling your home? Have you thought about all the issues that will come up when choosing a new location to live at? We've helped numerous home owners stay at their home while rebuilding around the existing house. Imagine not have to pay for a rental while rebuilding? That could save you at least 36k or more, depending on where you live and what standards you are able to except during this period. So what if you prepared your existing home and made that livable first? It's an idea we have share numerous times and only have seen it in action a handful or times. So if you see it slightly then why not take our own advice? So that is what we are doing and what better way to understanding our clients then to live in similar situations. Our home is our Lab, if I can do it? You can do it too...


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